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Featuring documentaries of the artist-in-residency projects at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain.

  1. Andrea van der Straeten [as if] - making of

    Making of the synchronised two-channel video installation [as if]. The work was presented in the exhibition [as if] by Andrea van der Straeten at Casino Luxemborg - Forum d'art contemporain (January - April 2013).

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  2. Daniel Jacoby - Latsempoar

    Daniel Jacoby, in the framework of his artist’s residency, worked for his project, "Latsempoar", with five young professionals: Sarah Capesius, a photographer, Serge Ecker, a 3D designer, Alexandre Hornbeck, a writer, Mik Muhlen, a graphic designer, and Gilles Noesen, a composer. He refers, in this interview, to his work shown between 3 March and 22 April 2012 at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain.

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  3. Elodie Huet

    Elodie Huet, during her residency, took around 1 500 photographs that she showed during her exhibition entitled "Restore Hope", from 9 July until 11 September 2011, at the Aquarium of Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, in the shape of postcards. Step by step, she got closer to the city, firstly as an observer from the Aquarium, and then on foot, armed with her camera.

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  4. Francisco Camacho - Entkunstung de l'Art

    Short video of the "Entkunstung de l’art" project by artist Francisco Camacho, who presented his work of art in the framework of his artist’s residency at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain from 30 October 2010 to 9 January 2011. It deals with politics, society, art, national and cultural identity, and religion.

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  5. Hong-Kai Wang - Music While You Work

    Hong-Kai Wang, during her residency at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, analysed the background noises that some people are faced with in their daily working lives. She discusses the reflections which underpinned her work entitled" Music While You Work", shown between 3 July and 5 September 2010.

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  6. Stijn Ank - Vector. Making of

    For the winter residency 2014, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain welcomed Belgian artist Stijn Ank (born 1977, Belgium). From February to March 2014, Ank realised "Vector", a work that stems above all from his architectural study of the Casino's "Aquarium," with its palpable borders of four glass walls that create a visual and physical tension between inside and outside.

    The making-of video features the concept and realisation of Stijn Ank's work. With comments by curator Christine Walentiny.