Carey Outreach Ministries proudly presents an exciting journey through the historical books of the Old Testament. Explore Genesis to Esther with Dr. Gareth Crossley who uses over fourty years of pastoral insight to navigate these Old Testament treasures in vivid detail.

In the series, Gareth explores the richness of God's story - the greatest factual story ever revealed to mankind! Each of the fifty-five episodes is thirty minutes in duration to maximize the understanding and retention of the concepts within. Each lecture begins with a book-by-book overview, followed by an outline of the acts, laws, covenants, and servants of God. The beautiful Christology concepts of each book are outlined and simplified into lessons for use in the world today.

"If you have ever searched for a meaningful historical chronological and Christological approach to the scriptures, allow yourself to receive the rich encouragement and wisdom of this series today."

- Bob Penhearow, President

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