Leah + Nathan

Leah + Nathan // Partners in Law... and in Life

This line from the maid of honour says it all when it comes to the story of Leah and Nathan.

"These two spend every waking minute together, they literally wake up, eat breakfast together, drive to work together, eat lunch together, when he finishes she waits for him, they drive home together, eat dinner together, fall asleep watching TV together until one of them wakes the other one up and says, come on honey off to bed, they get up and do it again the next day, who does that!"

We hope you love this feature edit as much as we enjoyed making it!

If you love the way this wedding looked? Check out some of the awesome vendors who helped bring it to life:

Planner: Details BC / detailsbc.com
Venue: English Inn Victoria BC / englishinn.ca
Photographer: Kari Burgess / eternalreflectionsphoto.com
Flowers: Tina Barabonoff from platinum floral designs/ platinumfloraldesigns.com
Music Licensed: Artlist / artlist.io
DJ: Hi-Way Productions / djpro.ca