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  1. Miscea Installation

    Animation explaining how to install the Miscea system from

  2. FoodTechHolland - Explainer Video

    created by

  3. Smaply

    Explainer Video by for - a web-based software solution to map stakeholders, service systems and service processes. It allows to quickly digitalize and visualize workshop outcomes in a clear, easy to use format and work in project teams independent of location.

  4. Cinekid Promo

    Promo door Captain Motion ( voor De Vrienden van Cinekid (

  5. Chef'Special Animated Promo

    Created by Captain Motion ( for Chef'Special (

    The Dutch band recently released their #1 Album "Passing Through". This 3D Animation is a journey through the band's history. The almost-tangible cardboard world matches their creative, hand-made album artwork.

  6. SocialWally Explainer NL

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