A few years ago, the National Catholic Office for the Deaf (ncod.org/), produced a video series for those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, Strengthened in Faith: Confirmation, which included the stories of the saints told by Deaf performers, voiced and captioned so all can learn from these stories. These stories are wonderful ways for adults and young people to learn and be inspired by the lives of the saints. We are making them available now on line during this time of “at home” learning and working.

The first video is Jesus teaching the Beatitudes, which are the model for living as the saints lived. Then there are 17 stories of saints who are: men and woman, young and old, from different countries, modern day saints and saints from of old. Each has a “charism” or special way of following the Beatitudes, Jesus’ teaching, that is a gift to us today in our times. The last two videos are the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. These are a vital reminder of how we can live the Beatitudes in our time and especially during this time of uncertainty.

After watching each video there are suggestions to help teens and adults to ponder and pray. There are also a listing of discussions and activities for children. *****Scroll down to see all 20 video selections.*****

Historias de santosen lenguaje de señas – haga clic: 

St. John the Baptist

John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus. In this video clip we will see John the Baptist tell the powerful story of when he baptized Jesus.

Ponder and Pray:
• Read and reflect on Luke 11:1-4
• The deep mystery of the Trinity is revealed at Jesus’ baptism. Spend some time thinking about God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
• At different times when you pray, do you name God as Father, Son or Holy Spirit? When and why?

Discussion/Activities with Children
• Can you retell the story of Jesus’ Baptism?
• What did you learn about John the Baptist from this video clip?
• Learn more about John the Baptist by viewing this Crossroads Kid’s Club video: youtube.com/watch?v=7NMHOLPWeTM or
• Find famous paintings of St. John the Baptist on the internet and discuss what you learn from these paintings.