The Future of Email Marketing, London 2015

89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. So, if email is what drives your business, what future-forward tools and techniques should you be using to take your email strategy to the next level?

During this evening of engaging talks and networking opportunities on 28 April, we explored new approaches to taking the hard work out of contacting leads and customers. For your chance to look ahead at the future of email, marketing and design, be sure to browse these videos.

#FutureofEmail was hosted by Campaign Monitor ( and Action Rocket (

Pixel Art in Email: The Past, Present and Future - Mike Ragan, Action Rocket

Bigger than just a retro fad, pixel art is blowing up the email design world. In this show-and-tell by bitmaster Mike Ragan, we'll be looking at some of the campaigns that popularised "designing for images off", not to mention, the benefits of this rather novel approach.

Connect with Mike on Twitter at @mike_ragan