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Cambridge Judge Business Briefing Webinars

The Cambridge Judge Business Briefing webinars address some of the business issues that might be keeping you awake at night. Hosted by leading faculty from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, the series provides valuable insights into the critical business and leadership issues that affect performance. These webinars, collated here, can help to develop knowledge that can be applied back to the workplace.

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Webinar - Crunching the Numbers: Introducing Analytics to your Organisation

What do we mean by analytics, and how can it work effectively in the big data era? During this Business Briefing series webinar we will take a deeper look at analytics and what organisations need to successfully implement this technology and leverage its business advantages. Stella Pachidi, Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, will introduce participants to her research and touch on how analytics and its correct use can affect management decision-making and knowledge work. This webinar will serve as the perfect introduction to analytics and delve into the specifics of how it can be integrated into organisations.