Rolfing® Movement integration Session 9

In the walk, we help find the push of the foot, initiated by an organized foot all the way up to the
ipsilateral arm which reaches contralaterally. We settle core stabilisation and differentiation in the
coordination of legs, pelvis, spine and head. We look for freedom of the sacro lumbar joint and sacro
iliac joints so that the sacrum relates with the spine and the iliac with the leg.

  1. Session 9 exercise 1 : Transversus on wall, lying

  2. Session 9 exercise 2 : Pelvic rock on wall with adductors or abductors

  3. Session 9 exercise 3 : Lying, stabilizing with legs while separating arm / shoulder girdle/ spine with stick

  4. Session 9 exercise 4 : Balancing adductors and abductors sitting

  5. Session 9 exercise 5 : Lying prone, stabilizing with hands on ground and feet on wall, with knee & hip extension