Rolfing® Movement integration Session 1

Throughout the ten Rolfing sessions, with Rolfing Movement work we bring awareness in the pre-movements which show in the little muscular contractions or inhibition of movement that take place from the morning on, or that stabilize ourselves in particular areas before we move.
When doing the exercises, you will explore and let your modes of perception grow, finding gravitory landmarks both inside and outside your organism (above and below, front and back, left and right) limiting therefore the inhibition of these pre-movements, so that your movement becomes easier spacewise and timewise.
After each exercise, take time to walk and notice the spontaneous effects the exercise has, then noticing how your foot is now contacting the ground, how you breathe, and how you perceive your own body as well as your relationship with the surrounding space.
When a movement is supported by gravity, not only it does not shorten our structure, but on the contrary reveals a natural expansion of our expressivity.

Session 1 :
We invite free breathing by encouraging independance of pelvis, trunk, arms and head, and by using
amongst other means, the orienting haptic sense (of touch) of the hands and feet.

  1. Session 1 exercise 1 : Arms rotation, lying

  2. Session 1 exercise 2 : Knees rotations, sitting

  3. Session 1 exercise 3 : Arm swings standing

  4. Session 1 exercise 4 : Opening arms on wall, standing in gravity

  5. Session 1 exercise 5 : Pulleys with arms, sitting