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Bio and Samples

Bruce Koken is an Independent Content Provider, producing entertaining and captivating content for broadcast and social media platforms. With a career spanning over 20 years, he is experienced in all areas of Production; from pre to post production, shoot to design. Bruce specializes in Producing, Editing, Writing and Directing.

Most recently, during his 8 years at HBO, Bruce garnered an Emmy nomination for Sports Series such as Hockey and Boxing 24/7. In addition, he created short and long form content for Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom, Eastbound and Down, as well as for HBOs Original Movies, HBO GO and HBO ON DEMAND.

Prior to HBO, Bruce owned a company where he developed content for television networks by writing, producing and directing long and short form material.

He moved to New York City from Toronto, Canada and quickly established his career landing a job at A&E and The History Channel - also writing, producing and directing award winning long and short form content.

Currently Bruce is developing original content for television clients and companies seeking to further establish their brands in an ever changing digital landscape.

With dual citizenship, Bruce is proud of his Canadian roots, his adopted home in the United States and his achievements in ice hockey and karate.


  1. 42

    A 42 second montage just in case you only have 42 seconds to see a sample of my work.

    Editor. 3D designer

  2. Nixon: The Lost Tapes

    After 40 years, 18 minutes of missing tapes that reveal a nation's darkest hours are discovered. Editor/Producer

  3. 24/7 HOCKEY

    Hockey comes to The Big House. Writer/Producer/Director

  4. HBO GO

    True Blood actor 'Lafayette' comes out of character and does his own poetry jam for HBO GO.

  5. Skin to the Max

    Late Night Cinemax on full display. Erotic bars from around the world. Editor/Producer.


    Ice Hockey is not just a game played in Europe and North America. Follow the national ice hockey team of India as they embark on a journey from The Himalayas to Canada to play against a professional hockey team.

    Director - Toronto unit

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