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Brother DTG: Shoe Platen Videos

For more information on Brother DTG printers and customizing footwear using the Shoe Platen, please visit To speak with a DTG Specialist, please call 1-866-750-2543.

GTX Shoe Printing from Start to Finish! Brother DTG Tutorial

Learn the steps to custom shoe printing using a Brother direct to garment printer and the Shoe Platen. This tutorial covers the following steps:

1. Tape the Soles
2. Apply DTG Pretreat
3. Cure the Pretreat
4. Apply Double-Side Tape to the Shoe Platen
5. Load the Shoes of the Shoe Platen
6. Position the Artwork in the Graphic Design Software
7. Send the Artwork to Brother DTG printer
8. Press the Print Button
9. Cure the Printed Shoes

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