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Brother DTG: CMYK DTG Pretreat Fluid

For more information on Brother DTG printers and using the DTG Pretreat (CMYK only pretreat for polyester, blends, cotton and other substrates, please visit To speak with a DTG Specialist, please call 1-866-750-2543.

Enhance CMYK Prints with DTG Pretreat – Brother GTX Printer

Make your CMYK prints stand out more using DTG Pretreat fluid on to 100% cotton, blends and 100% polyester garments. DTG Pretreat can also be used for other items like stone coasters, leather, shoes and more. Watch this video or follow the steps below to use DTG Pretreat fluid.

1. Apply the DTG Pretreat using a hand held spray bottle.
2. Cure the DTG Pretreat using a heat press at 356 degrees F for 20 to 30 seconds.
3. Print the artwork on to the garment using a Brother DTG printer.
4. Cure the ink using a heat press set to 356 degrees F for 35 seconds.

For additional technical support information regarding the Brother DTG equipment, please visit