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VSCC at Brooklands

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The VSCC normally comes to Brooklands twice a year. Once in January for the New Year Driving Tests and in the summer for the Double Twelve.

Organised in association with the Vintage Sports-Car Club, the Brooklands Double Twelve event is always held on the weekend closest to the Anniversary of the original opening of the Brooklands race track on June 17th 1907. The two-day festival featured Speed Trials, Driving Tests, the prestigious Double Twelve Concours and Test Hill ascents as well as on the historic Brooklands Finishing Straight.
The Double Twelve is the biggest event staged by Brooklands Museum and an important event on the enthusiasts calendar. The ‘Double Twelve’ came about because 24 hour racing was prohibited due to noise restrictions at Brooklands. As a result the event was divided into two daylight sessions and the cars were locked up overnight.