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R for Robert

A collection of videos regarding the legacy of R for Robert and the significance of the Wellington bomber to the war effort in WW2.
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BBC documentary about the raising of R for Robert

A BBC documentary made in 1985 and first aired on 30th December of that year....
On New Year's Eve 1940, a group of young navigators took off on a training mission from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland. As the plane flew west into a snow storm, one of its engines spluttered and stopped. Having ordered the crew to bail out, the pilot spotted Loch Ness through a break in the clouds and took a chance to ditch.
Forty-five years later, a unique team gathered at
Inverness; their task was to raise the only surviving wartime Wellington bomber. Delays caused by bad weather, hazards underwater and the technical difficulties of working in the dark, 250 feet below the surface, ended when a special lifting frame, designed by one of Barnes Wallis's former assistants, was smashed to pieces. With amazing determination, they tried again.
This film is the story of that operation, of the Wellington known as 'R' for Robert
Number N 2980, veteran of 14 missions against the Third Reich, and of the team who worked and persevered to bring her back home. Film editor PETER barber
Executive producer BRUCE NORMAN Produced by DEREK TOWERS