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BMtv captures the heartbeat of Brooklands; its history and character, its legacy and stories. As it develops, will record stories of the museum as seen through the eyes of its members and volunteers. In addition, you can watch the videos from the Talks series and listen to the podcasts of its presenters. Brooklands is blessed with over 100 years of recollections of motor racing and aviation and here at you can get a flavour of both this remarkable history and keep updated with its current activities.
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Peru 82 with photographer and author Tony Hutchings

Inspired by last year’s lockdown, professional photographer Tony Hutchings has published a unique collection of photographs taken on his six-month 15,000km journey around Peru in 1982, much of it driving a second-hand VW Beetle. This evening is a must for anyone interested in real photography, motoring and travel, it ticks all the boxes.

Tony became fascinated by Peru after seeing a film about the Andes, reading National Geographic articles and hearing stories from Peruvians living in London. Determined to see for himself, Tony left his London studio and set off with camping equipment, a South America handbook, two Hasselblads and as much Kodak Ektachrome film as he could carry.

‘Peru 1982 ’documents Tony’s incredible adventure, exploring Peru’s cities, villages and some of the remotest parts of the country. He first travelled south from the capital Lima, along the Pan American Highway and up into the high plains above 3500m; then east from Lima to Huancayo and north to Equador, via Ancash, taking in the breathtaking Cordillera Blanca.