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Post-Youtube brainout vids (for commenting off-vimeo)

All my portfolios let you comment via Disqus, rather than vimeo. So you needn't join vimeo, to comment. If you want me to add more videos to a portfolio, say so: just use the email icon in the bottom right corner. Yes, you CAN be anonymous! You can also comment in Frankforum, . You can join with fake name and fake email (the email address isn't verified), which I strongly suggest you do. Or, you can make a HIDDEN comment to me in the Admin forum without joining, .. or, you can make a public post in the Vote on Win10 forum (who cares if it's on topic) also without joining,

Or, you can comment here in Disqus. Then I get notified right away. But I can't comment back to you without you having a real email. So use the above links if you do not want to create a real email address for reply.