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Post-Youtube brainout vids (for commenting off-vimeo)

All my portfolios let you comment via Disqus, rather than vimeo. So you needn't join vimeo, to comment. If you want me to add more videos to a portfolio, say so: just use the email icon in the bottom right corner. Problem is, Disqus has their own moderators, and some of them are bad.

NO MODs here, so instead comment in Frankforum, . You can join with fake name and fake email (the email address isn't verified), which I strongly suggest you do. Or, you can make a HIDDEN comment to me in the Admin forum without joining, .. or, you can make a public post in the Vote on Win10 forum (who cares if it's on topic) also without joining,

So use the above link if you do not want to create a real email address for reply.