Current Acts

These are some recent projects between Brain Hooks and other creative partners in the Asheville area. My role within these projects varies from Creative Director/Art Director to editor to general cat herder/producer.

My mantra is this: Simplicity Wins. By this I mean the following: if there are two different solutions to solving a communications problem, the one that is simplest will work best. And more often this solution is less expensive to produce.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss give me a call at 828-785-2488, or send an e-mail to I look forward to hearing from you soon.Enjoy

Wright Creative-Kevin Quinn-"Cavern Prism" Music Video

This is an unpublished video that I put together as part of my "what would happen if we tried this?" creative workflow. It has a lot of weird little bits as well as some really cool music by none other than Kevin Quinn. It's all about the time/space/relationship continuum. Or not. You decide.



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