Current Acts

These are some recent projects between Brain Hooks and other creative partners in the Asheville area. My role within these projects varies from Creative Director/Art Director to editor to general cat herder/producer.

My mantra is this: Simplicity Wins. By this, I mean the following: if there are two different solutions to a communications problem, the simplest one will work best. And more often, this solution is less expensive to produce.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, call me at 828-785-2488, or send an e-mail to I look forward to hearing from you soon. Enjoy

David Wilcox-Musical Medicine

This is a fun little collaboration between Lynne Harty and myself. David Wilcox is a fantastic musician with the incredible ability to make up songs on the fly, and I don't mean some cute little ditty, I mean a REAL song with wit, emotion, and drama. This video captures him talking about the process of him doing this in front of corporate groups and the benefits this kind of exercise can have on businesses and their people.

It was a bit like trying to capture lightning in a bottle, as he jumped from one thought to another, but that's just the way his mind works. His hands move ever so slightly and all these incredible sounds just come out of the guitar. Amazing!



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