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bruce mac

Bruce Mac is an established director, having directed THE PERFECT WAVE feature film with CHERYL LADD, SCOTT EASTWOOD, RACHEL HENDRIX,
Bruce's history is commercials, specializing in KIDS commercials, which showcase endearing performances that make his work stand out as different and refreshing, as the EMOTION is captured,


    the PERFECT WAVE trailer

  2. Video for Bruce-16 MB


    featuring : Jordy Smith (no 2 surfer in the world) , DJ FRESH (DJ on radio 5, south africa's largest radio program) Jaques Kallis (no 1 all rounder cricketer), Roxy Louw (voted by FHM the sexiest woman

    Shot over three shoot days, as the cast were never available at the same time, a real challenge but fun with lifes challenges

  4. ZANDO

    there were three versions (Afrikaans/ English) and a Black English version - wow!!!, what a day and getting fun performances was hard work, but very rewarding....

  5. Watania Chicken

    Shot on 16mm, three commercials all dealing with a mothers love and what she feeds her kids, ..working in a 'tongue you dont understand was hard work, so i looked to the linguist for the details of the language, but worked on the look and the performance trying to tell the story although in sync dialogue with visuals only-- y be the judge


    Always looks so easy, but there were keys the weather, the light, the water color, so my surfing knowledge, came into effect, and i booked two locations, and on the morning the decisions were made... good call

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