Boijon Media is a collective of collaborative artists dedicated towards exposing and recognizing creative projects. As a company that promotes synergy in expressive mediums, Boijon Media is a place for creative artists from diverse fields to unify in a single locality where users/people/visitors/readers/enthusiasts/whatever can be informed on what the creative minds of our generation are producing. Working within art, literature, photography, music, film, and dance, Boijon hopes to promote creativity while simultaneously providing exposure to experimental artists.

My name is Benjamin James Magrdichian and I am a Multimedia Artists (Producer | Director)

The Perspectacle

The Perspectacle: A Struggle Will Thrive
Featured Artist: Rien Addis
Camera Operator: Benjamin Magrdichian
Visual Direction: Benjamin Magrdichian
Music Composition: Gianni Abbott
The video is an expressive visual of the struggles to create art, from an artists point of view.

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