a Love of Dance

We proudly film for a number of schools including Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy (Artistic Director: Lucinda Dunn) The Conlan College (Susan Anderssen, Executive Director) Academy Ballet (Director Sinead Vidler) Classique Dance (Principal Kerrie Smith) Dancenergy (Principal Kirstyn Burton) Michelle Maree School of Dance (Principal Michelle Maree)

With a background in dance, we know how to reproduce the theatrical experience of your concert and story it tells.

We video the performance to show the whole stage, the dancers expressions and portrayal of their movement to the audience.
Our camera technology allows you to have artistic freedom with lighting and keeping the mood of your performance.
Blustone Productions focus on the Choreography, the editors have a background in dance, we create a balanced final result for all viewers.
In essence we maintain the mood and feeling with thorough editing to produce a video that teachers, students and parents will enjoy for years to come.

SydneyCityBalletSchool 2015