Blue Sky Portfolio

Volvo - From Sweden, not Hollywood

Produced by Grey London.

Blue Sky shot the aerials with Octocopter RAW with Red Epic.

From Sweden Not Hollywood is a series of 28 visually-striking idents for Volvo UK's sponsorship of Sky Atlantic.
The idents – which will be on-air until 2016 in a deal brokered by Mindshare & Sky Media – celebrate the art of Hollywood filmmaking by playfully adding a touch of Swedishness to well-known film terminology.
Filmed in Stockholm and Kiruna, the insightful executions compare and contrast the explosive drama of Hollywood production to the no-less-dramatic natural beauty of Sweden. Beautifully shot, they reflect the pillars that underpin Volvo’s revamped brand positioning: ambition, simplicity, authenticity, Swedishness, and the same level of design quality and craft that goes into its cars.
Idents include:
-Soundtrack, from Sweden not Hollywood: the visceral roar of a thundering hillside waterfall.
-Body double, from Sweden not Hollywood: the shimmering, rain-patted reflection of an isolated, serene-looking lakeside Volvo car.
-Greenscreen, from Sweden not Hollywood: a bird’s eye view of a road winding through a stunning, as-far-as-the-eye-can-see Swedish forest.
-Suspense, from Sweden not Hollywood: a Volvo’s headlights creeping their way through an eerie, foggy, dense and pitch black forest.