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blue eye studios

Life is a journey. It starts with a vision, a dream, an idea, or an event.
We are a team of storytellers that believe no story is too big or too small.

Marcus + Jeni

Who knew a chance meeting at “The Royal Wedding” at Britt’s Pub in Minneapolis would bring Marcus and Jeni together. After spending time getting to know these two it was clear from their story that they were indeed inevitable. Jeni told us the Shaman said the next man she would meet will be “the one” and then she met Marcus :) Marcus proposed in a memorable way at the airport after Jeni returned from a trip. An airline employee even captured the proposal on a cell phone. See it here:

Jeni said "yes" and it lead them up to this day of true celebration. What a memorable way to ring in the New Year and in the years to come. We feel so lucky we were chosen to capture the day and be a part of such an amazing day. Enjoy their story....

Music licensed through The Music Bed