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We are a team of storytellers that believe no story is too big or too small.

Matty + Stacie Same Day Edit

We are so EXCITED to share Blue Eye Studios first Same Day Edit!

Our team of 4 worked like a well oiled machine to successfully produce Matty and Stacie’s Same Day Edit surprise! It simply could not have been done without the incredible team work, brilliant under pressure editing and great media cooperation from Bryan Newfield of Bryan Newfield Photography.

We met Stacie, Owner of Flux Foto, a while back while working at weddings together. Since then we've had the opportunity to get to know Matty and their two beautiful children. We wanted a way to thank Stacie for the many couples she has sent our way and completely surprise them. All we can say is…Mission Accomplished! Their reaction was priceless and all the guests enjoyed seeing what went on behind the scenes of their incredible day. Thank you Stacie and Matty for all that they have done for us and encouraging us to keep growing as film makers.

Music licensed through The Music Bed