Marina Zurkow, James Schmitz, "Does the River Flow Both Ways?", 2022 - excerpt.

Marina Zurkow, James Schmitz,
"Does The River Flow Both Ways?", 2022
Custom software (color, sound), computer, screen or projector
Animation by Marina Zurkow and Ewan Creed
Edition of 5, 1 AP

This animated software-driven work explores an alternate, present-day Hudson River estuary in which happy social and biological ecosystems live in harmony; where humans can interact with the water in intimate ways, and experience what is happening below the surface. The title questions if such a techno-optimistic present is feasible, but on good faith explores a world in which renewables, public transport, water shipment, sensual freedom, and multi-species ecologies can indeed co-exist and thrive in a turbulent climactic time. The animated elements emerge primarily in response on algorithmic probability, but also are responsive to real-time weather and tide data.