Marina Zurkow, "The Space Invaders," 2005

Marina Zurkow
"The Space Invaders," 2005
Single-channel animation with sound
3 min 51 sec, loop

"The Space Invaders" is a composite of live action footage and 2D character animation, redolent of vaudeville sketches, early cartoon pranks, and Grand Guignol’s shock theater. Conceived as a strand of animated paintings, the concept of Code Orange and other viral promulgators of fear are externalized as a set of characters who gallivant beneath the radar in New York City. Rendered as fleshy, capricious agents, these particular “Invaders” personify the nostalgic arcade game of aliens who fall from the sky. The video’s amoral crack-dwellers, hobs and giants who translucently roam the streets come from inside, and not by spaceship or by airplane.

“The Space Invaders” was designed as a site specific work for public television in New York. It was commissioned for the anniversary season of "Reel New York" on WNET (PBS), and aired in June 2005.

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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