Marina Zurkow, "Oceans Like Us: Bow Null," 2020

Marina Zurkow
"Oceans Like Us: Bow Null," 2020
Custom software (color, sound), computer, screen or projector
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation
Edition of 5
Sound design by Scott Reitherman
Software by Sam Brenner
Animation by Marina Zurkow and Ewan Creed

"Oceans Like Us" presents software-driven animation works that explore the ocean and its inhabitants as a fractal and unstill repository of reflections and projections. The series offers an ocean poetics to produce new affections for the ocean at large—a cosmopolitan sea inclusive of graceful, filthy, tangled, and fantastic realities and imaginary churns. Custom software allows for infinite recombination of textures and characters within this repeating structure. Bow Null is taken from the effect of large ships engines’ capacity to produce an acoustic shadow; one cannot hear the engine from the bow until the ship has passed. The ocean is a body to be measured, exacted, and extracted. Sensors, robot-operated exploratory vehicles, latex-gloved hands, sonar, signals, and mesh-like terrains dominate this sea. The nine-minute movements of this work are expressed as: Sunlight, Twilight, and Midnight.

This series is inspired by Blue Humanities scholarship (see complete bibliography listed on press release). Sound design by Scott Reitherman. Software by Sam Brenner. Animation by Marina Zurkow and Ewan Creed.