b. 1969, Cheltenham, UK
Lives and works in London

An artist deeply committed to process, Tim Knowles engages invisible phenomena and uses this to shape physical experience. His work reveals hidden forces and the otherwise unnoticed timescale of objects by using specially engineered capture tools. Attracted to the energy of natural and social systems, Knowles defines chance as a crucial element of his visual discoveries.
His creative practice incorporates chance, process and performance into mark making systems. Art is approached as a generative process aligned with the games and experiments of Situationist and Fluxus artists. In his automatic drawings, formal elements are open to mechanisms or phenomena beyond the artist’s control–seeking to reveal the hidden, or otherwise unnoticed motion of objects. These projects capture ephemeral traces: of footsteps in
the forest; the full moon’s reflection on undulating water; or intricate movements of a parcel traveling through the postal system. Marked by a romantic take on conceptualism, he travels with torches through the night landscape; affixes sketching pens to tree branches to create a record of their movement. Like a signature, each system reveals the characteristics of an otherwise unnoticed physical experience.

Knowles has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe. His past exhibitions include “Verdant” at MassART, Boston, MA; “The Posting” at Bouillants, Rennes, France; “Landscape and More” at Galeria SIX, Milan, Italy; “for the Baron” at The Horticultural Society of New York; the “Over Yonder” commission in Leeds; “Cimento dell’armonia e dell’invenzione” at the Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin; “Fluxus Now” at The Exchange, Penzance, UK; Anti Festival in Kuopio, Finland; “Mobile Research Station, no.1” at the Skulpturenpark, Berlin; Generali Foundation, Vienna; Economist Plaza, London; M2 Gallery, London; Plymouth Arts Centre, UK; Hayward Gallery, London; Bloomberg Space, London; Hull Time Based Arts, Hull; Gallery Skuc, Ljubljana; Essor
Gallery, London; Comune di Codogno, Italy; Zero, Italy; and bitforms gallery nyc. His work has also been featured in Art in America, Artforum, Cabinet Magazine, The Independent and The Guardian. Knowles holds awards from South West Arts and the British Council in Rome. Knowles studied sculpture at the Bath College of Higher Education and has taught at numerous institutions throughout the UK.

This fall Knowles will unveil Windgrid, a public art installation in Taylor Square, Sydney, Australia and in early 2013 he will present Mass Windwalk. The project consists of 100 participants departing simultaneously from Taylor Square, guided solely by the wind, their paths plotted by a GPS device, producing a live drawing.

For more information on Tim Knowles: bitforms.com/artists/knowles