Björn Schülke, "Supersonic #3," 2008

Björn Schülke
"Supersonic #3," 2008
Fiberglass, plywood, steel, motion sensors, theremin, woofer, tweeter, amplifier, paint
22 x 46 x 15 in / 56 x 117 x 38 cm

"Supersonic" emits soft, low frequency sounds from a contoured and zepplin-shaped fiberglass shell that is mounted to the gallery wall. Its clinically white, streamline form houses a theremin which detects and responds to the proximity of a viewer, emitting a range of midrange frequency notes. Appearing to hold sophisticated powers of celestial communication or locomotion, the sculpture simply rests in a static observant position.

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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