"Luftgitarre #2" (2008) by Björn Schülke

"Luftgitarre #2", 2008
fiberglass, aluminum, wood, circuits, automotive paint, solar cells, motors, sensors
dimensions variable
approximate gallery dimensions: 80 x 34" / 203 x 86 cm

Suspended from the gallery ceiling, Schülke's "Luftgitarre" series sculptures are human in scale and resemble musical stringed instruments such as the banjo, violin and contrabass. Floating mid-air, the effortless rotation of these sculptures conjures a familiar echo of explosive chords ringing in a live concert. The simple auditory experience delivered by these objects contrasts with their visual complexity. Activated by the approach of visitors, a minimal pluck of a singular steel cord results from Schülke's elaborate and delicate construction of solar panels, wood, a motion sensor and propeller.

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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