Björn Schülke, "Vision Machine #3," 2014

Björn Schülke
"Vision Machine #3," 2014
Wood, brass, steel, mirrors, camera, screen display, motor, paint, sensor, LED, belt drive, custom electronics
11 x 12 x 15 in / 27.9 x 30.5 x 38.1 cm

Schülke’s work is characterized by its lively interior consciousness. Revealed through a complex cycle of communication and movement, each object possesses irrational character traits or distinctive emotional features. "Vision Machine" behaves inquisitively, evoking artificial intelligence and the modern aesthetics of a research station.

Extending from the sculpture’s insect-like body is an attached camera arm, which advances according to the detected movements of the audience. As the object searches its immediate surroundings, an unpredictable exchange with audience is triggered. Is it an invader? A clinical device? What is it evaluating? Might it want to clean my teeth, and could it be flirting with me? The video screen displays doubled images and feedback, adding to the strangeness. Its slow and deliberate movements are tightly balanced, spatially considering mass and weight of form. Deeply influenced by Dadaist tradition and Jean Tinguely, the theme of an absurd machine reappears in Schülke's work, rooted in the tools of modern observation and precision.