Daniel Rozin, "RGB Peg Mirror", 2019

Daniel Rozin
"RGB Peg Mirror", 2019/2022
Anodized aluminum knobs, motors, 3D camera, control electronics, computer, custom software
72 in / 183 cm, diameter
5.5 in / 13 cm, depth

"RGB Peg Mirror" is Rozin's first mirror capable of reproducing full color reflections. The artist programs red, green, and blue colored knobs to tilt towards light and change their reflected color, thus allowing the recreation of a full color portrait in a manner similar to a computer monitor or TV. "RGB Peg Mirror" has two modes of operation: an interactive period where the viewer is reflected on the piece, and a generative function where the piece animates according to several algorithms to show a shimmering and colorful display of undulating vibrant colors.