Daniel Rozin, "CMY Shadows Mirror," 2021

Daniel Rozin
"CMY Shadows Mirror," 2021
1555 colored acrylic paddles, motors, 3D camera, control electronics, computer, custom software
72 in / 183 cm, diameter
7 in / 18 cm, depth

"CMY Shadows Mirror" is a sculptural, interactive mirror capable of reproducing full color reflections. As the inverse of Rozin's "RGB Peg Mirror" (2020) this piece uses a subtractive color model to mask light that would typically be reflected, leading to an image similar to a computer monitor or TV. "CMY Shadows Mirror" has two modes of operation: an interactive period where the viewer is reflected and a generative function where the piece animates according to several algorithms to show a shimmering display of undulating, vibrant colors.