Daniel Rozin, "Darwinian Rotating Lines Mirror," 2014

Daniel Rozin
"Darwinian Rotating Lines Mirror," 2014
Video camera, custom software, computer, 46" screen
Dimensions variable, horizontal or vertical

This is the third piece in the series of Darwinian Software Mirrors. In these works programmed “evolutionary pressure” pushes the artworks to resemble the viewer's mirrored image. Engaging the viewer with interactive response, each work varies the formal properties of line, luminosity, and tempo, as screen-based pictures are built improvisationally.

The basis of the software in this series is Darwin's theory of random mutations followed by natural selection as the basis of evolution. In the case of Darwinian Rotating Lines Mirror, the total randomness of the earlier pieces in the series is replaced by a more methodical approach where the software presents lines on the screen in a rotating sequence and ascending brightness and selects a portion of these lines according to their contribution to the creation of the viewer’s image. The result is an unfolding process of materialization as detail after detail is revealed in an ever changing display that resembles a furry substance. The piece cycles through this process every few seconds starting a totally new evolution cycle every time.

Filmed and edited by Victoria Sendra.