Daniel Rozin: Works (2002-2008)

Daniel Rozin: Works (2002-2008)

New York-based artist Daniel Rozin creates interactive installations and sculptures that have the unique ability to change and respond to the presence of a viewer. In most of his pieces the viewer takes part, actively and creatively, in the performance of his art. Known for his longstanding investigation of image creation – be it in response to woven fabric, stone mosaics or today’s pixel – Rozin studies the very nature of modern structure.

Mirrors are central themes in Rozin’s current body of work. His explorations of mediated self-perception include the vocabulary of generative animation, in addition to instantaneous reflection. Placing deliberate emphasis on the way motion passes through coordinates in a grid, the movement in these pieces is psychologically charged and deliberately paced.

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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