Casey Reas, "Process 14 (Software 3)," 2012

Casey Reas
"Process 14 (Software 3)," 2012
Variable dimensions.
(Two-minute capture from generative software.)

Process 14 (Software 3) is derived from the Process 14 text:

Process 14
A rectangular surface filled with instances of Element 4, each with a different size and direction. Display the intersections by drawing a circle at each point of contact. Set the size of each circle relative to the distance between the centers of the overlapping Elements. Draw the smallest possible circle as white and the largest as black, with varying grays representing sizes in between.

Element 4
Form 1: Circle
Behavior 1: Move in a straight line
Behavior 2: Constrain to surface
Behavior 3: Change direction while touching another Element

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.
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