Casey Reas, "Process 13 (Software 2)," 2011

Casey Reas
"Process 13 (Software 2)," 2011
Custom software, computer
Dimensions variable

Process 13 (Software 2) is an interpretation of the Process 13 text:

Process 13
Bisect a rectangular surface and define the dividing line as the origin for a large group of Element 1. When each Element moves beyond the surface, move its position back to the origin. Draw a line from the centers of Elements that are touching. Set the value of the shortest possible line to black and the longest to white, with varying grays representing values in between.

Element 1
Form 1: Circle
Behavior 1: Move in a straight line
Behavior 2: Constrain to surface
Behavior 3: Change direction while touching another Element
Behavior 4: Move away from an overlapping Element

Please note: This is a two-minute capture from generative software.

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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