Casey Reas, "Process 18," 2006-2008

Casey Reas
"Process 18," 2006-2008
Custom software, computer
Dimensions variable, unique

(Two-minute capture from generative software.)

Process 18 is an interpretation of the Process 18 text:

Process 18
A rectangular surface filled with instances of Element 5, each with a different size and gray value. Draw a quadrilateral connecting the endpoints of each pair of Elements that are touching. Increase the opacity of the quadrilateral while the Elements are touching and decrease while they are not.

Element 5:
Form 2: Line
Behavior 1: Move in a straight line
Behavior 5: Enter from the opposite edge after moving off the surface
Behavior 6: Orient toward the direction of an Element that is touching
Behavior 7: Deviate from the current direction

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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