Yael Kanarek, "Jungle: Lopate vs. Bresnick," 2013

Yael Kanarek
"Jungle: Lopate vs. Bresnick," 2013
Bleachers, computational video, sound, custom software, computer
Dimensions variable
1 year cycle videoclock

"Jungle: Lopate vs. Bresnick", recounts the story of a casual tennis match in Italy between two of Kanarek's friends, essayist Philip Lopate and composer Martin Bresnick. Structured to reflect current time, custom software controls the video playback, synchronizing a myriad of clips and sounds. At the fourth quarter of each hour, the voice of Werner Herzog describes the jungle of Fitzcarraldo as an unfinished part of creation. Marking the passing of minutes, days, months and years, Mighty Mouse (also known as the Mouse of Tomorrow) valiantly flies across the screen. Jeff Buckley’s opening breath from the song "Hallelujah" strikes on the top of each hour. As the gentlemen play, Kanarek’s collage forms a place of never-ending stasis, one that embodies Herzog’s experiences in the jungle and resists leisured sports culture. The project was filmed last year during an artist residency at the Civitella Ranieri in Umbria, Italy.

Software designed by Yael Kanarek and Shawn Lawson.