Yael Kanarek, "Clock: Jerusalem to Tel Aviv," 2010

Yael Kanarek
"Clock: Jerusalem to Tel Aviv," 2010
Custom software, computer, video display
One year cycle
Screen dimensions variable
Edition of 6

A meditation on temporality, the computational video work “Clock: Jerusalem to Tel Aviv” uses footage shot from the window of a taxi van and synchronizes the clips to an annual clock. Structured to reflect current time, the night landscape along Highway 1 changes subtly – keeping the viewer continuously on the road somewhere between the two cities. Likened to the idea of time travel, Kanarek poses a theoretical beginning in the ancient city, and an ending point in one that is modernized.

Calling the half, three-quarter and full hours, time in this looping visual experience is marked by audio recordings of church bells, dogs and crows.

Please note this is an excerpt.

Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

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