"Fashionably Late for the Relationship" (2008) by R. Luke DuBois

"Fashionably Late for the Relationship", 2008
Blu-Ray DVD video
63 minutes
edition of 10

"Fashionably Late for the Relationship" is a three-day long public performance by Lián Amaris Sifuentes. As a woman prepares for a night on the town, three days pass by in the city around her. In this live performance, Sifuentes’ slow, nuanced actions become a counterpoint to and critique of the unnaturally rapid and unyielding pace of the public environment, which she redefines as the private, feminine ritual space of a boudoir. The performance took place for three entire consecutive days (July 7-9, 2007) in Union Square, New York. Throughout the whole performance collaborator R. Luke DuBois documented the piece with video in three channels. Using a visual averaging computational process, DuBois’ representation of the entire 72 hour outdoor performance was algorithmically time-compressed before it was edited into a 63 minute video work.

Please note this is an excerpt.

For more information on R. Luke DuBois: bitforms.com/artists/dubois