b. 1970, Seoul, Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, Korea

The visual language of U-Ram Choe describes natural biomorphic form that is marked by a seemingly organic incorporation of etched stainless steel, robotics and acrylic. Exploring the boundaries of archeological discovery and developmental morphology, Choe’s explanations and Latin titles for these creations follow the linguistic traditions of scientific nomenclature. Telling stories using gestural transformation and the tracing of imagined evolutionary stages, these pieces take on the silhouette of actual life forms, as intricate automata express a refined delicacy and weightlessness. Unexpected and fantastical, Choe’s kinetic simulations cyclically breathe with movement that recalls aquatic propulsion, flight and ritualistic courtship displays.
Recently, Choe was featured in solo exhibitions at John Curtin Gallery in Perth, Australia and at Asia Society Museum, New York. U-Ram Choe’s work has been exhibited in the Museum of Arts and Design, New York; 2008 Liverpool Biennale at FACT, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool; Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville; the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; Shanghai Biennial; Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul; NTT Intercommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo; Art Basel; Seoul Museum of Art; Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas; Asian Art Triennial, Manchester Art Gallery; Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul; Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan; Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna; SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo; Beijing Expocenter; and Olympic Art Museum, Seoul.

In November 2012, he opened a solo exhibition at Gallery Hyundai in Seoul, Korea.

For more information on U-Ram Choe: bitforms.com/artists/choe