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Joel has never been the most responsible person in his neighborhood. At 28 he´s still living with his father and his only motivation for waking up in the mornings is having a beer and playing his guitar. But on this particular day his busy routine will be interrupted when his sister asks him to take care of her child.

Joel accepts the task imposed by his older sister but things get a little bit complicated when the kid disappears from his house without leaving a trace. In order to find his nephew, Joel is forced to start a search him through the neighborhood where he grew up.

In his quest he will run into old friends, enemies, ex-girlfriends, cops and criminals that in one way or another are parts of his past. Little by little, these encounters will make him realize that he´s still the same irresponsible slacker he was 10 years ago. But today the word responsibility takes the shape of a 6 years old child that he will have to find before his family realizes that he´s lost him.

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