How do you develop a two-minute video that describes the diversity at George Mason University?
First, you gather ideas from a diverse group that includes staff and students.
The idea selected for a video to present at President Ángel Cabrera’s inauguration was to show the range of diverse people and interests of Mason students that one might see walking around campus in a single day. That meant getting a large group of people together at one time, and the way to do that is … entice them with food, music and giveaways. So the word went out: free T-shirts, pizza and music at the George Mason statue on Friday, April 5. Mason’s social media team of Tara Laskowski, Beth Pullias and intern Becca Marshall tweeted about the day and spread the word on Facebook. Posters were printed and distributed around campus.
As a result, many members of Mason Nation came out to participate in the video, including the Masonettes dance team and cheerleaders, The Patriot mascot, Green Machine pep band members, UrbanKnowlogy, GMUnit and other student organizations.

Students featured were:

Krystal Thomas, psychology major and Mason Ambassador Minh Phan, biology major - Allison Kraft, music major - Parkour athletes Omar Zaki, music major, and Jesse Mainor, undeclared major

The music was scored by Doc Nix (a.k.a. Michael Nickens, assistant professor of music). The video production team included Paul King, GMU multimedia specialist in Communications and Marketing. Woodpile Studios team included Director of Photography Ross Stansfield, Editor Greg Berger and Martin Whittier, steadicam operator with Tom Fanelle on follow focus.



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