It may look like a simple one-and-a-half-minute video, but a lot of thought — and talent — went into producing the “Innovation” video shown at President Ángel Cabrera’s inauguration on April 26.

Paul King, multimedia specialist in Communications and Marketing, coordinated the video production, which he began by pulling together a creative group for brainstorming. King says that credit for the concept, a series of short video clips backed by a driving techno music score, goes to Craig Bisacre, a Mason integrative studies major and accomplished photographer who often freelances for Creative Services.

Buzz McClain, senior writer in Creative Services, worked closely with Woodpile Studios of Vienna, Va., the company that created the overall production, to select clips that demonstrate many of George Mason University’s innovative aspects. James (Ross) Stansfield, BA History ’75, was a contributing member of the Woodpile team.

King, who is also a part-time faculty member in the Department of Communication, captured some of the footage used in the video. Going the extra mile, he donned a snorkel and fins to get the underwater hockey sequence and a protective suit to get close-up shots of bees in the apiary.

Other people and organizations involved in the development and production were

Matt Clevenger, a Mason senior music major, who composed and created the score;
Christopher Vo, a Mason PhD candidate in computer science, who captured aerial footage of the campus using a flying robot; Ayers Saint Gross, the firm that designed Mason’s Art and Design Building and provided video footage of the building; and Mason Creative Services staff members Evan Cantwell, senior photographer, and Alexis Glenn, photographer. Greg Berger of Woodpile Studios cut the final edit.



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