A feel-good comedy feature in Spanish produced in Oaxaca.

Adalberto's wife, Rosario, leaves him - unaware that her dying uncle has just won the lottery. Adalberto puts on a wig and dress to convince the nearly-blind uncle that he is Rosario. As he's about to grab the inheritance, the uncle's notary finds another niece in a convent and convinces Uncle Ernesto to choose the more deserving niece.

Adalberto's friend, the barber, invents a scheme to demonstrate "Rosario" is deserving by taking in a motherless child and Adalberto gets stuck playing "Mrs. Doubfire" to an adversarial little boy of six.

After more twists and turns than a churro, the last minute of the film reveals what happens in a contest of Love vs Money.

Trailer with English subtitles

Two--minute trailer.

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