DeFi Yield Farming Crypto Guide

Beginners guide to DeFi yield farming crypto will help you understand how yield farmers are earning money through liquidity mining. What is Yield Farming and DeFi ( Yield farming, also referred to as liquidity mining, is when users stake their cryptocurrency assets in liquidity pools for crypto token rewards. incentivize users with crypto assets to be liquidity providers within their yield farming protocols using a smart contract liquidity pool. In this video series you will learn what is, how DeFi yield farming is profitable, how yield farmers make money, and is yield farming safe or is there risk? DeFi Yield Farming explained in easy to understand terms.

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What is DeFi (Decentralized Finance) | Yield Farming Part 1

Beginners guide to DeFi Yield Farming Crypto. This tutorial is a three part series on DeFi yield farming and how to invest money into liquidity pools for token rewards. In this lesson you'll learn about decentralized finance, liquidity pools, liquidity providers, smart contracts, yield farming strategies, and automated market makers.

Watch Part 2: Liquidity Pools and Liquidity Providers

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This yield farming video series is a tutorial to help you will understand what those terms mean so that you'll be able to use them to profitably grow your capital either with us at BEES.Social or on your own. Our goal is to help you understand how to take control of your own life and money in the blockchain financial ecosystem.

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Use this DeFi yield farming tutorial as a kickstart to start your own learning about decentralized finance, cryptocurrency funds, markets, and DeFi yield farming strategies.

The term DeFi yield farming. Take apart that term and look at DeFi. DeFi really refers to something called decentralized finance. Decentralized finance can better be defined by defining its opposite, centralized finance. Centralized finance is the institution at the center of the whole financial transaction making the rules. A bank is a central financial institution controlling access to money using their rules.

In decentralized finance, these elements all programs. Self executing protocols that exist on something called the Ethereum blockchain, the network that all these programs run on. They're not hosted on Amazon or Google. They are hosted on this network of nodes in no centralized place where nobody can control them or stop or start what they're doing on a project (DAPP).

This decentralized app determines if you get the money by their criteria set by the framework called a smart contract. Smart contracts operates in the liquidity pool. The liquidity pools can execute the complex transactions in yield farming. That's the first part DeFi yield farming.

In the next two videos we look at the other protocols of DeFi. We will discuss liquidity pools and how to use Uniswap or Balancer. We're going to take a look at some yield farming strategies and discuss the automated market makers that make DeFi Yield Farming possible.

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Learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentralized Finance, governance and ERC Tokens. You'll also learn about yield farming and staking your tokens to earn rewards with your cryptocurrency assets. Learn about the risks of your investment and yield farming vs. staking.

Part 1: What is DeFi?
Part 2: Liquidity Pools
Part 3: Yield Farmers