Smart Contracts

What are Smart Contracts on the Blockchain? Smart contracts are self-executing agreements consisting of the conditions of an arrangement amongst peers. The smart contract performs on the Ethereum blockchain's decentralized system. The contracts help with the exchange of cash, shares, residential property, or any type of asset. Watch our smart contracts video tutorial to find out what smart contracts are on the Ethereum network and how smart contracts work to perform complex sets of rules. Learn more about DeFi Yield Farming here or go to our main website BEES.Social

Which Blockchains Support Smart Contracts

The smart contracts we have been talking about are in the Ethereum blockchain. We always have heard about the Bitcoin blockchain, but the question is, which blockchains support smart contracts?

If you take a look at this list here in this video you'll see these are the blockchains that support smart contracts.

Some are more used than others. Some are very popular. Some are very specialized. And some haven't even made the list because they're private B2B contracts. But these are the blockchains that support smart contracts based upon when we recorded this video.

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