Loren and Teddy // Highlight Film // Houston TX

Loren and Teddy's Highlight Film will take you through their story from the rehearsal dinner cheers to their stunning Confetti Exit where they pull away in an Art Car! Houstonians know all about art cars but if you're from out of town, check it out! We have an Art Car Museum and and parade every year to show off the eclectic artists and their drivable creations. So we take so much pride in the fact that this couple chose to ride away in one as their getaway car. What a fun and creative idea! Loren and Teddy are exactly that too, fun, kind, and loving people that have found each other and we're so glad they did. They were married on a beautiful sunny summer day at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston followed by a stunning celebration at Houston Country Club.
Planned By: Christine Hoffer with Belle of the Ball
Print Design By: Papellerie
Wedding Ceremony Footage Shot By: BluePrint Film Co
Drone Footage Shot By: BProductions