Connie and Braxton // Houston TX

No other job fills my heart the way this one does. Sometimes there are weddings where you laugh and cry with the families, dance with the guests and form bonds with the other vendors. You leave so full of joy and love for the families and people you’ve worked with. Then sometimes there is a wedding like this one that goes even further and just being there, in their presence, changes you to the core. I pray that we, as artists, will capture something beautiful and raw that can do their story justice in the most respectful way. As an editor, I cared for every second of this piece and hope, as a team, we've created something together the family will cherish forever. I don’t have words that can accurately describe the depth in which this bride and her story have touched my life.
Thank you to Chris Bailey who worked with me as their Photographer and so graciously allowed me in on Connie’s Bridal portrait session. Thank you to Blake Boyter who volunteered his time to be my second shooter. Thank you to Christine Sangalis from Keely Thorne who planned the whole day and organized us all so that we could capture these last moments with their father. Thank You to Paul Cox with 226 Media for volunteering to edit the Ceremony Audio. Thank you to Connie and Braxton, you are precious to this world and we are so grateful to have met you both. Mr. Seré, Father of the Bride, Thank You for being so kind and may you rest in peace.
We loved with a love that was more than love. - Edgar Allan Poe